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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Beach walk

 I took a walk last Friday on a perfect beach. The temperature was about 68f (20c) and the light was either lovely low winter light or pearly due to thin clouds that came over. I converted some to look like Tmax 3200. Some I just made black and white and one was left in color due to the great hues in the shell.
 Seaweed necklace

 The moon from space.

 Wonderful colors
There was a brisk breeze and the small fronds on the right were vibrating really fast while the feather was still.


Martina said...

Low winterlight and 20°C are a kind of oxymoron to me, ;-)

Interesting and descriptive series - I almost can smell the salt and feel the wet sand. And hear the waves.


James Weekes said...

Yes, we are having an oxymoron of a winter. We usually spend January and February shivering in our houses designed for Summer as we go through periods with freezes every night for a week and then warming into the 50s.

This year we have not had a frost, and many days in the 70s. All of the trees are budding and the azaleas that flower in late March and early April are starting to flower now. If we get a cold snap it will wreak havoc.

Until then, we will luxuriate in the gift from nature.

Martina said...

I shouldn't complain too much since in our area it's dry. No snow. Blue sky. Sun.
Of course that's a problem for vegetation: no isolation and too dry. Black frost? Would that be the right expression?

btw - a) did you get my email? and b) google+ is constantly suggesting me a James Weekes as a friend - but I am not sure that's you. Is it?