Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Kirk Tuck photo walk.

 One of my favorite blogs to follow is Visual Science Lab, written by a working photographer in Austin, Texas named Kirk Tuck. He is a wonderful portrait photographer and holds forth on all things photographic, culinary, camera and, of course, coffee. He is an avid and accomplished master swimmer and he loves to share.

When he gets a new piece of photo gear, camera, lens or both, he sets off on a walk in Austin and takes a lot of pictures for fun and then lets his readers know his opinion. For a while he was testing new stuff every week. He buys it all himself and doesn't take freebies or even advertising on his site. His opinions are not scientific but rarely wrong.

Two weeks ago I gave my G3 and 25mm Leica/Panasonic lens the Tuck test. It is a wonderful combination.


Martina said...

If the colours (esp. the sky) are anything near reality I am so jealous.

But really - a typical Kirk Tuck photo walk, nice!

James Weekes said...

Our sky is rarely this blue. We usually have a lot of moisture in the air, whisch bleaches it a bit. It's been dry for the last two weeks and these skies are the reward.