Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Jenn's tofu

My daughter Jenn has been studying to be a health coach, a more and more important skill in these unhealthy times. Part of her studies, a large part, involve our relationship to food. She has started her own blog, called All Good Things, in which she finds or invents or adjusts recipes that are healthy and good for you. She has just started it and has a few followers, mostly family, so far. Food blogging is a hard place to get a toe in the water. As a proud dad, I read every post.

One of the recipes was for fried tofu. Now tofu is one of my favorite ingredients anyway. I love it's texture and it's ability to absorb almost any spice or flavor. So I made it and here is my result. It was crispy, crunchy and, when dipped in the sauce, lit my tastebuds up. A real winner.

Her blog is at  Try this recipe and let me know.

I am fully aware the a significant percentage of the population hears tofu and has a gag reflex. If you are one of those I do not recommend trying this.........well, you should......but you won't.


Martina said...

I love tofu, too.
I eat smoked tofu without any side dish - it's a treat.

Jenn Weekes said...

Thank you, Pops! It's one of my favorites.