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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Leaf, Roscoe

Ah, Florida, land of opposites. Our trees, for the most part, lose their leaves quietly, without the colorful display, in December and January. Then, in February, the swamp maples put forth bright red seed pods that look like Fall colors. Then the regular trees start, in March, to bud out and are soon covered in that lovely Spring green. Once that is done, the magnolias, trees that apparently evolved before bees, start to shed their large leathery leaves, by the thousands. I have 6 magnolias on my little lot and Magnolia season has started, as evidenced by this early arrival. So we now have an real overlap where I spend part of the day planting new plants and veggies and another part raking these tough leaves and composting them. So we get Autumn and Spring at the same time. At least the bugs are still sleeping.

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