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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Me and the girls, Christmas, Nashville, TN

 Here is our gathering for Christmas in Nashville. Everyone took turns taking the other four. We had a ball, ate too much good vegan food and laughed a lot. Also went to Star Wars, great fun.


Martina said...


Martina said...

These smiles are contagious. I am sitting here on the sofa grinning like an idiot for some minutes now!

Thanks very much for these smiles! Made my evening!

Nice legs, btw .... *cough*

James Weekes said...

Well those of us who have beautiful legs, mostly tanned photographers, are duty bound to share them with the world;-D

Martina said...

Now my stomach hurts from laughing.

Good night! ;-)

Carl Weese said...

Great series, what a cool idea.

James Weekes said...

Thank you. It was the only way to get everybody without that silly self-timer run. And everyone has posted the picture that they took.