Monday, May 7, 2012

Palm columns, Nocatee

This huge development had all of the landscaping and it's upkeep budgeted in when it was started. Therefore, even with the big slump in the housing market, the landscaping looks great. These palms are near the Publix supermarket in the middle of the development.


Martina said...

In b/w the row of palms has an interior elegance - I imagine in colour this is simply ... a row of palms?
Especially with the street's bend on the side.

James Weekes said...

You're right. These palms are on a service road to a giant grocery store. The store was built in the middle of what was going to be a huge, 25,000 person, development. That got slowed way down by the recession and the houses are just starting to be built again,at a slow pace. I love the store because it had everything any grocery shopper could want and very few customers. You are never crowded and there are endless choices.

In color it was pedestrian. The green grass took away from the lovely shapes of the trees. Palms really grow on me the more I look at them.