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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Cement abstracts, Jax Beach

 So, it was Sunday, time for my spin class followed by a long walk. Low overcast, with rain on my way to the gym. spin class was more taxing than usual and I hoped to beg off my walk due to rain. But the clouds had lifted.....rats. I had a new camera with me. My first Micro 4/3 camera was a Panasonic GF3. A tiny model with almost no features and the smaller 12mp sensor. I soon got fancier Panasonics, a G2, G3, GX1 and then the Olympus E-M5. All but the G2 had moved up to the 16mp sensor and had features that I liked a lot, including an EVF. The GF3 went to France twice, as a backup and camera to take when I didn't want the big body. Oddly, some of my best pictures from both years came from the GF3. I am quite comfortable using the screen on the back with no viewfinder. Even on my Sony RX100 III I hardly ever use it's fine EVF. But features such as a movable screen developed and the GF3 sat on a shelf. I pulled it out two weeks ago and still liked it's form factor. I knew that there had been a GF5 and a GF6 (GF4 never was as apparently the number 4 is like our number 13 in Japan). So I looked online and found a new GF6 for sale for under $300.00. I ordered it from a company in Japan. It arrived last week and the only hard part was figuring out how to switch it to English from the Japanese. It is just like my GF3, only a tad accommodate the swing up screen! And it is using the current 16mp sensor. It came with the kit lens, a 14-42 unit. So, I took it out on my walk. It is a great little unit. The rear screen is clearer and it is a more solid body than the GF3. The kit lens is the revamp of the original, an ordinary lens, at best. I believe that it is a very competent lens and it weighs almost nothing. These are some shots in back of my gym's building on my walk.

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