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Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas fence, Roscoe Blvd., South

Simple and clean.


Markus said...

Very fine. The daylight and the lack of color just take away all the imbued chrismassy feelings and leave the pattern. Works for me.


Let me just add that blogger's spam protection has become a major pain in the **s. I ended up opening your page additionally in chrome just to copy my comment into the new form. Sometimes I think they want to deterr commenters.

James Weekes said...

Thank you, Markus. As with many of my personal favorites, this one was snapped almost unthinkingly. Something made me take it, but my question, at the time, was "Why did you take that?" Later, in front of my computer screen I saw why. It was this way back in the film days too. I "found" a lot of pictures on my contact sheets that were better than the ones I had loved when I took them. Never erase a file or throw out a negative.