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Friday, February 10, 2012

Anti-sprawl posters in Nocatee

Nocatee, for better or worse, got off to a tough start. It is a HUGE development that spans a county line. When first proposed, it met a lot of opposition because of all the wild land that would be plowed up, creating suburban sprawl. They built all the roads and planted all of the trees and landscaped it to a fare-thee-well. They got all of the subdivisions started and then the mortgage crisis hit, stopping it in it's tracks. A very small percentage of the proposed houses have been built, or even started, and it sits, silently waiting for a recovery. The infrastructure is being maintained, but it remains a symbol of overreaching. These posters were stuck to a giant electrical box near a huge Publix supermarket that was built to service all of the houses.

All of this is 4 miles from my house so at least I got a giant well-stocked market, that is never crowded, nearby.

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