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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


These two pictures bring to mind a cartoon I saw years ago. A man was explaining to a group of people that birds, being inferior to man, had to establish territories. He was standing in a subdivision where every house had hedges and fences around the property line.


Martina said...

Very neat. Expecially the second one. Could be German.


Martina said...

Arrgh - now blogger doesn't allow to subscribe to comments anymore. They are really getting on my nerves. Saw this today with some blogs.
Sorry, I had to vent ... :-(

James Weekes said...

Could be German, we have a lot of German emigres here.

Blogger changes with the wind I believe!

Martina said...

The "subscribe to comments" is only available with the embedded comment layout.
That's what I learned yesterday. I wonder if I should stop commenting - makes no sense to have open several blogs and press F5 every other hour, ;-)
But hey, I did it with this one, at least. :-)

James Weekes said...

I haven't had that problem..............yet;-)