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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Stop sign Jacksonville Beach

These four stickers were on a single stop sign in Jax Beach. I think I like Miley on Meth the best. It seems as though these stickers are beginning to replace tagging around here. Much quicker to apply and easy to read. Probably bands. I tried to go on but no site. Darn. Update, Miley on Meth is a band, as is Forever the Sickest Kids. Tebowing gear is a sports apparel business. So they're all commercials. I'll go look for tags again.


Martina said...

I like the "Hello my name is ... " sticker - would like to wear it at a conference ;-)

James Weekes said...

I loved it because I couldn't figure it out either logically or spatially. If you wore it to a conference you might get escorted out, but there would be a story!