Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Marzipan creations Apt, Provence

Pattiserie, Apt, Provence.......Sorry Carol

Our rental house, Saignon, Provence

After a long day

Garden table, Bonnieux, Provence

Side street, Bonnieux, Provence

Three shoppers, Bonnieux, Provence

Yours truly caught in the shop window.

View from The Fort de Buoux, Provence

You did have a good view around once you commanded the fort.

Top of the Fort de Buoux, Provence

Can you imagine climbing up 500' to the bottom of this fort, fighting your way up another 1000' of vertical climb with 3 moats and hostile soldiers that you couldn't get a shot at or a sword on shooting and/or dropping huge rocks on you only to face a last charge up this narrow little alley to get to the top? They were made of sterner stuff in those days.

Path to the Fort

This is the mildest part of the path.

Fort de Buoux

This warning gave us all pause. Warnings to watch your children at all times due to the steepness and slipperiness of the worn rock paths. Yikes.

Janie Buoux, Provence

This is a huge overhanging rock on the way up to see the Fort at Buoux that seemed to me to be the most unassaultable fort that I had ever seen.

Buoux, Provence