Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Arrows, Jax Beach

These were strangely unfinished. Probably another layer of tar to go down.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Vandals, Jax Beach

This statue has been here, on Beach Blvd., for years. Twice in the last year it has been vandalized. This time they have security footage of the mouth-breathing loser who did it and of two buddies who came back to do more damage. Hope they get caught.

Ravioli w/spinach pesto.

I love pesto, the Genovese variety made with basil, pine nuts, garlic and olive oil. But it is a strong sauce. For this delicate lobster ravioli I used baby spinach, a little touch of basil, olive oil, less garlic and pine nuts. It made for a creamy lighter pesto.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Chorizo pizza, Roscoe

This was a great pie. Good and spicy sausage.

Sea oats, Jax Beach boardwalk

Sea oats are a great success story. For years they were cleared off the beach so that there would be bare sand to walk on. Then people saw that the bare sand tended to blow away or wash away when storms came by. Jacksonville Beach has done a great job in this respect. They let the sea oats reestablish themselves, with a lot of planting done by local people. They built walkovers to the beach so as not to disturb the plants. The result is a line of dunes, covered with sea oats. These plants laugh at salt water and sea breezes. Their root systems are incredibly long. (You try getting nourishment out of salty sand) This holds the dunes very well. Even when a storm makes inroads into the dune, the sea oats reseed and reclaim. They are planting similar types of plants in dunes where hurricane Sandy hit to protect that land. I don't think that sea oats live that far north. Web research tells me that sea oats range ends in Virginia, so N.Y. and N.J. must be using other plants.

Sea oats, Jax Beach

This is the entrance to the beach from Beach Blvd., The fence is a nice addition.