Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Stalker catcher, Jax Beach

The police have responded to numerous complaints about the crabby stalkers ( four complaints) by obtaining this device. I feel safer already.

Oil stain raccoon, Jax Beach

Graffiti, Jax Beach

Shapes and shadows, Garden, Roscoe

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Weese weeds, Jax Beach

Two piece dog origami, basic

Bird origami, Jax Beach

Cherokee portrait, Jax Beach

I have never owned one of these nor really wanted to, not my type of vehicle, but I have always loved them. They are regarded as the first SUV and seem to be the template for future SUVs. They are such a pure design. Almost perfectly square, Perfect use of room, basic engines (even though the 4.0 liter straight 6 was a gas gulper), and they were almost as capable off-road as the Wranglers. Plus they could carry all of one's camping/hunting/photography gear. They never seem to wear out, there are lots of them on the road. So here is my first car portrait. Once again Carl Weese has inspired me.

Backyard, Jax Beach

I don't know why, but this looks like a fun place to sit with the owners over a couple of beers.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Front porch, Jax Beach

It was a humid, low pressure day and I think that the statue would have come after me sooner than the cat or dog

Hydrant, Jax Beach

A hydrant in a burka!?

Front porch, Jax Beach

I come by this house about twice a year to see what they have added. Always fun to see.

Florida colors

This was an overcast, Weese friendly, day. I have my camera's color rendition set to natural and I still had to take out 20% saturation so it wouldn't look overcooked.

Chairs, Jax Beach

 On last Sunday's walk I was seeing a lot of chairs. Most were places that I wouldn't mind stopping and sitting. The one above, not so much. But I'll bet to a dishwasher in the restaurant through that door that that chair is Paradise when he steps out for a smoke on a night in August.

Moving sale.

Followers of this blog, both of you, will recognize the paintings on the outside. It was a nice little crafts store. My guess is that the landlord had an offer on the land, as it is near that giant condo development, and this is a lease-end move. They are actually moving to just down the road from us here, so I may go welcome them soon. It is such an iconic building and I'm sure it will be bulldozed and replaced soon. Progress.

New neighbors II, Jax Beach.

This is an almost finished condo unit from the post below. I can see the ad, 4Rms.,Tattoo view.

New neighbors, Jax Beach.

The buildings in the back are some condos being built on the old George Moore Chevrolet dealer site.  I think it's great that they have a loan office so nearby. The red sign of the 4 is for payday loans. Why would you need a loan on payday?