Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Footprints, Ponte Vedra Beach

 I had a beach walk last week and came upon an area of sand that had been walked on and the subjected to a long windy day. The footprints went from distinct to almost gone. Great fun.

Magic Beach Motel, Vilano Beach, Detail

Puccini's Pizzeria

The nice thing about America is that someone can leave their home country, change professions and make a go of it. This fella was some big time musician in Lucca, Italy and came to Vilano Beach and has a great ristorante!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Black skimmer, PVB

Every winter we get visits from black skimmers. The nearest bird, with the red and black beak is one of two in this flock of gulls. The other was a bit more standoffish. These have a long lower beak and feed by flying next to the water with their lower beak skimming the surface. They are beautiful to watch. I wish they were year round residents.

Bike and beer sign, Atlantic Beach

Front yard, Atlantic Beach

This yard evolves every time I visit Atlantic Beach. Can't wait for the Spring planting!

Hydrants, Atlantic Beach

 Nice hats.

Datura flower, garden, Roscoe

Most winters we would have had a frost that killed these back. This year we have blooms in February.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Derelict Agave, Jax Beach

These are landscape plants, but down here they escape. This one obviously lived "rough" for a while.

I buy houses, Jax Beach

Really? If you had a house to sell, would your first call be to a single person who put out a cheap, and illegal, sign, with no name or business attached to it.....and a cash deal? Wow there must be suckers out there.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nashville, Tennessee

We were in Nashville last weekend. This house was near my daughter's house. The light and the rich shadows had me out twice a day to take pictures. This works so well with the Lens Work adjustment. More from Nashville when I catch up. (I know, Nashville isn't North Florida, but Jacksonville is named for Andrew Jackson and he was from Nashville, so there.)

Spicy Chiks are back!

And, apparently, they ride pink bikes.

Behind Krystal's, Jax Beach

Lovely light for this walk.

Decisions, St Augustine.

They were on the phone to fellow tourists trying to meet up. The hydrant was waiting for a bus.

Chair, St Augustine

Magic Beach Motel, Vilano Beach

Magic Beach Motel, Vilano Beach

A lovely throwback.

Bench and shadows, Vilano Beach

Haley's Court, Vilano Beach

This was a sign for a motel, probably in the 1950s or 1960s. The motel is gone but the city has preserved the sign, with help from private donors. It really is a classic example of the style of sign. I'm glad it's there.

Sock monkey palm tree, Vilano Beach

Next year I'll make apoint of going down to Vilano during Christmas season. They had a palm trunk decorating contest this year. Most of the decorations were worse for wear. This one still worked.

For rent, Vilano Beach

Bare tree, Vilano Beach

I drove down to Vilano Beach to see how their makeover is coming. It is mostly transformed and looks great.

Palm trunk, Roscoe

The light is still low and strong, so I take a lot of shadow pictures.

Palm and shadows, Solano Rd