Sunday, October 25, 2015

Elephant ears, ICW, Roscoe

Since returning from Provence a lot of my time has gone to taking my garden back from nature. When you are gone 8 weeks in mid-summer, and there is abundant rain, you come back to jungle. I have been clearing and replacing plants with smaller and slower growing herbs and ornamentals. Elephant ears are a lovely accent plant. Their leaves are about a foot in length when you plant them. Soon they get much bigger. The largest of theses leaves is about a yard (1 meter) in length and the plant has a ten foot (3 meter) spread. All of this would be ducky except that, once established, elephant ears spread rampantly. So, a lot of pulling and dumping.  I hope to get back to posting more as Autumn slows the garden down.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Red Solo cups, Jax Beach

Ten minutes after the end of the Toby Keith song.

Bikes, Jax Beach

Jax Beach

Ferris wheel, Jax Beach

A walk with the Holga lens on Sunday.

We all need a cup like this, at least once a year.

Now they're wearing party hats! For Martina.

Can't fool me!

Two women, Town Center

Gimme five, Town Center

Looking down, Jax Beach

I spend a lot of my Sunday walks looking down. What ends up on the sidewalks is fascinating. My gym is in a half-occupied shopping center. I start my walks by going around the back of the center, an area of loading docks, a/c units and garbage pickups. Always something new.

Grass and seeds, Jax Beach

Frog, garden, Roscoe

She totally ignored me.

New house, MSD

Magnolia leaf, Roscoe

Store window, St. Augustine

I was going to take this picture anyway, and then it moved! There was a woman vacuuming the displays.