Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wire man, PV Beach

I was walking down the wall of our beach club when I spotted this arrangement.

Beach plant, PV Beach

This succulent covers large areas of the dunes, behind the sea oats. Tough as leather.

New hibiscus

This is the first bloom from a new plant this year. Looks like someone hand painted it.

Water main and gaillardias, Jax Beach

 This field is lying fallow. It is interesting to see the first plants to invade. Gaillardias are an incredibly tough little flower. They are drought-proof as far as I can tell and willingly spread to any bare ground. They are members of the daisy family. they are also called blanket flowers due to their resemblance to native American blankets and their colors. These probably rode the wind from a garden where they had been planted.

Mediterranean Designs, Jax Beach

This store fascinates me. It is on a side street in Jax Beach and sells all kinds of stone and marble for decoration and use. They have tiles and countertops in all kinds of materials. They are located in a prefab metal building, very useful but not very good looking. So they have put their product on the lower floor of the front of the building. It completely transforms it.

Bike frame, Jax Beach

I thought that this was abandoned until I saw the bike lock. That is one stripped bike.

Napkin and soda lid, Jax Beach

New graffiti, Jax Beach


Pretty much describes everything in the picture. Maybe not the car.

Porch, Jax Beach

Jax Beach used to have a lot of houses like this. One by one they are being replaced by high-rise condos that block the sun and wind from the ocean. It's a shame.

Abandoned chair, Jax Beach

This brought to mind an Andrew Wyeth painting, only the chair was a girl.

Welcome to the beach!

This is the front yard in Jax Beach. A most eclectic collection. Must be a tie to Germany as there are two German signs. The woman who did this was sitting in her chair, watching me. I told her how much I liked the collection and we had a nice talk.

Spoon, Jax Beach

I seem to see only spoons abandoned, no knives or forks.

Barnacles, Jax Beach Pier

 As I wandered down the pier I saw the first picture. I thought barnacles were a more social bunch. Then I saw the next piling. The top must be a new developement.

Jax Beach pier.

Everybody's a poet.

See Tess eating

I stood here for 15 minutes and didn't see Tess, nor anyone eating. Of well, it was early

Doorman, Jax Beach

A rather grumpy Tiki god.

New management.

I'm glad they modernized the bathrooms and showed the way.

Freebird this week 1

Once more a band lineup where it is hard to determine where one band stops and the next one starts.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beryl's little gift

Yesterday we got a visit from the second tropical storm of the season, Beryl. The storm formed due east of us and plodded ashore on Sunday night. Luckily she was never at hurricane strength, but she did do some damage. One of our neighbor's trees shed a huge branch over the fence. Janie went out with some hand tools and got to work. I joined her later and got after some of the heavier branches that she couldn't reach or saw at. We both hauled the waste to the curb. As fate would have it, it was yard waste pick up day and, within two hours, all of it, 5 feet high and 20 feet long, was gone. My neighbor had been away and  when he got home he took his chainsaw to the rest and now we have only a bent fence to show that it happened.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Framed and boxed graffiti

This is almost formal. Nature and graffitists abhor a vacuum.

T-Mobile store, Jax Beach

What a lovely color. This is actually de-saturated a bit. Isn't T-Mobile a division of Deutsche Telecom? :-))

Clam shack, Jax Beach

Crossing sign graffiti, Jax Beach

 These stencils are showing up a little on my walks. Looks like the Grim Reaper to me. Sort of ominous for a school crossing.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Weese weeds and water markings, Jax Beach

Wiffle ball remains, Jax Beach

Elks Club, Jax Beach

I was amused by the hierarchy of the parking assignments.

Back door, Jax Beach

I was drawn to the odd rust pattern on the door.

Palm fronds, Jax Beach

Just nice light.

Crushed can, Jax Beach

A pair of socks, Jax Beach

I have always been fascinated by seeing a single sock by the side of a road. Why only one? Did it run away? These two were within ten feet of each other, so I might have found a mass escape.

Monolith with graffiti, Jax Beach


There is a small restaurant, TacoLu, in Jax Beach that is far more popular than their parking lot can handle. Adjacent businesses are inundated with overflow cars. This neighbor is handling it very well.

Crushed Pepsi can, Jax Beach

 I couldn't choose which I liked, so you get them both ways.

Royal terns, PV Beach

These are here briefly and then will be gone until Autumn.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jenn's Salad

Our daughter Jenn just visited and one night made this wonderful salad to go alongside an orange glazed tempeh dish served over red quinoa. It was delicious. As a confirmed omnivore, I am finding it easier and easier to have meatless meals. I have just bought a book called Vegan Cooking for Carnivores and made my first recipe last night, a white bean and rosemary soup with home made croutons. Very satisfying.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Dress code(s)

These are in front of a sports bar. From observation I believe that people go to sports bars to watch sporting events on huge TVs, drink maybe one beer too many, root for their team, bet on the games and get a little rowdy. God forbid that you should turn your hat around late in the game. Just the mildest, gentlest hint of racism in some of the exclusions.

Parking, Jax Beach

I don't know if I'd park under this sign.

Future burn.

Jax Beach fishing pier.

I just liked the hat.