Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Piling on first walk, Ponte Vedra Beach

This was taken on my first walk since the heart procedure. Felt good to stretch out my stiff leg. I inadvertently set the white balance to a very blue setting. Upon correcting it I got this sort of Technicolor range of hues. I sort of like it.

Jacksonville Beach Pier, with Lamar, Kate and Delia

Our Sunday walk.

Winter crop

I put in my French radish seeds before I had my recent hospital visits. When I got back they were ready!! Just like the ones in Provence. Unfortunately they are now very big and quite hot, so I'll pull and replant. It's nice to work in the garden again.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Places I'd like to sit 1

This is both the start of a new string and an explanation for my absence from my blogs for a while.

I have always loved chairs and their promise of comfort. From a simple stool to an elaborate office chair (appliance?) they all offer you relief from standing with a free lap thrown in. I often photograph them just because of this and often because their shapes and designs vary so much. So, now you'll get to share.

I have been away due to wee health issues. Once back from France I went back to my exercise routine. I always monitor my heart rate while working out. Three weeks ago I noticed my HR would not go over 100 while I was doing cardio that should have had it at about 120. Then it dropped to 31 while I drove.

Two doctor visits later I was in hospital for a heart ablation to correct an atrial flutter. It went very well and I was home for three days and developed some major hip pain that sent me back in. The upshot is that I have a hematoma in my thigh that I am slowly reabsorbing. This has kept me away from adding to the blogs and from taking new pictures. I will work my way back in the following weeks.

This is one of my favorite chairs. It's uglier than a mud fence and is only marginally comfortable, but sits backed up to a west facing window and is the perfect place to read or look at photographs. I won't have access to it as it sits where we put up our Christmas tree every year. But, come January.................

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Brown pelican Jax Beach Pier

This guy would let you walk right up and take a picture. He would hop down for fish though.

No Love?!?!?

Harsh graffiti in Jacksonville Beach