Sunday, December 29, 2013

Embarrassing hydrant, MSD

I believe that this little bush was planted thus so that the homeowners didn't have to look at it.

Suburban tree, MSD

I have watched this tree since it was a sapling. There is a constant breeze down this street that has twisted the trunk.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013

Shadows, Sawgrass

Holiday parties, Jax Beach

Shadow and patterns, Jax Beach

Shadows, Jax Beach

Old timer, Jax Beach

This somehow survived the whole beautification effort in Jax Beach. I can just hear it telling the other hydrants "I helped put out a lot of fires when this was just a little crossroads." It has aged gracefully.

Blue and yellow, Jax Beach

I am still not sure what these are. My best guess is that two of them can be joined to form some sort of pipe or culvert. Very bright for something that will be buried.

Art 4 Gas, Jax Beach.

A fair trade.

Water services and hydrant, Jax Beach

A small family.

Circles, rectangles,square,triangle. Jax Beach

VIP hydrant, Sawgrass

Didn't look important.

Koi, St John's Town Center

Grass inflorescense , Jax Beach

Lord Guso and Nico Suave

 These two were painted on the same low wall. Sounds like a fun pair.

Stocking stuffers?

Must be a fun family;-)

Tea bag, Jax Beach

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hands, Sawgrass

Gift fabulously, Sawgrass

I guess gift has become a verb.

Security cam, Sawgrass

Great light, this day.

Shadows, my car, Sawgrass

Must be the season, I'm seeing Menorahs everywhere.

Pool, PVIC

Old friends, Jax Beach.

These two have earned their retirement.

Fog, Jax Beach


other than that one rogue apostrophe a perfect day at the beach. Today is cool and damp but I can dream.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

New tree and moon, Sawgrass

This is near our newly opened Publix grocery. The old store was completely razed and a new one built that is much bigger and really lovely. This is some of the new landscaping.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Skipping paper, St. Augustine

Taken with a lens baby four years ago. I now have three external drives with four years of files available at any time. This Mac is fun.

Bowling alley, Jax Beach, cracks and weeds.

 These show the perils of building on sand. Our barrier island is almost all sand, with a light layer of soil on top. Sand moves wherever it is, but when it is an island between the Atlantic and the Intracoastal Waterway, it moves more. Therefore our large buildings are always shifting and need to be shored up from time to time. The weeds are very aggressive this year. Probably due to Carl Weese's visit to Florida earlier this year.

Agave, Roscoe studio

My little north light studio has finally gotten some use. It sits outside, on the north side of our house, and consists of a background stand, a muslin background cloth and a stool. It always gets a nice north light. I wash the background once a season. This agave was being moved in a container and I propped it up as I passed and took a few shots.

Apple, Roscoe studio

While my daughter was here for Thanksgiving, we went out for groceries. She put three apples like this in our cart and we paid and came home. We discovered that they were organic hybrid apples and went for almost $5.00 a pound! This specimen was almost a pound by itself. I figured a $5.00 apple deserved a portrait. Then I ate it.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Fence and vine, Jax Beach

Reminded me of a Menorah.

Can of corn, Jax Beach

I have no explanation for this.

Grooming for Men, Jax Beach

Family picture, Roscoe

This is pure serendipity. I was walking out of our living room when I saw my shadow on the wall. I took a few pictures and turned to see what was causing the light. It was the afternoon sun reflecting off of a picture of my mother. Only when I made the print of this did I realize that this is a photo of my shadow caused by my mother's picture, plus my reflection off the glass on a framed painting of my father, painted by my brother, from a photo of my father that I took. That's a lot of family in one picture. I love chance.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Shadows and leaves, St. John's Town Center

My first Mac post

I was convinced by my computer guy that the cost of bringing my old and slowing PC up to speed would be about the same as a new computer. He also said, why not look into a Mac? He suggested I get the Mac-mini to start. So I ordered on from MacMall. He came and got it all connected and got my new cable modem up to speed. I now have a tiny, quiet computer that is three times as fast as my old one, has four times the memory, a huge hard drive and an OS (OS X Mavericks) that is very intuitive. It feels like a PC done right. (I know, I know, a PC is a Mac done wrong;-) I am not PC bashing, I used them for 30 years and don't have any of the horror stories Mac people love to relate about PCs. This is just, for me, better. I had no trouble downloading and setting up Photoshop CC and it runs faster.

I have made my way into the program enough to have made this file, put it into a folder, and posted. Woo-hoo. This is the back of a Cheesecake Factory at our St. John's Town Center shopping mall. I love the color to contrast the evergreens.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Arrows, Jax Beach

These were strangely unfinished. Probably another layer of tar to go down.