Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Stalker with help.

Now they've hired robots.......arghhhhh!

Nice seat, Ponte Vedra Beach

A perfect morning.

Last night in Millbrae

Being a passenger is fun. Once more amazed at the Olympus colors.

Millbrae hydrant.

Old Nash, Millbrae

I love old American cars. This one is borderline Art Deco.

Johnny's flowers, Millbrae

Millbrae kitchen sink.

I love the way other people collect and display.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A trip to Filoli, Burlingame, CA

 We took a morning trip to Filoli, an old estate in Burlingame, CA  It is an incredible place. It was owned by consecutive wealthy families and patterned after some gardens in Ireland. It has far surpassed them. It is on 654 acres of rolling land with lakes nearby. The house is well preserved and huge. The gardens are amazing. My camera does not do justice to the incredible design and the countless hours of very hard work by a dedicated group of people to make it look this way. The last child of the second family to own the place gave it to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, who remain the caretakers. I recommend a visit to the gardens to anyone who goes to San Francisco. Go to to get a better idea of the place.

Colors, Millbrae, CA

Leaves and trunks, Millbrae, CA

I think that this is a crepe myrtle. The colors and light are very different in California even though we are both semi-tropical.

Ornamental grass, Millbrae, CA

A nice little jolt of color.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Another stalker!

This one tried camouflage.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Two palms, Jax Beach

Chain link fences, Jax Beach

 My well-documented love for chain link was rewarded this Sunday walk.

Spring light, Jax Beach

Garden, Jax Beach

Think twice! Publix, Jax Beach

Origami and leaf, Jax Beach

Shirt, Jax Beach

The odd thing here was that this shirt was brand new and clean, rare for an orphan.

Discards, Jax Beach

 These were within 20 feet of each other one Sunday

Carnival, Jax Beach

Bananas, Jax Beach

 A carnival parked it's rides near my gym and the light was nice.

Strawberries, Jax Beach

Beached boat, PVB

This boat washed up about a month ago and has slowly been stripped of all useful gear. It must have been almost a derelict before it foundered and now rests here, a very heavy impediment. The owner doesn't seem to want it and the state wants it gone. Maybe the big Nor'easter we are having will resolve it.

Rake, yard, Roscoe

Tree shadows, Roscoe

Front door shadows, Roscoe

Impressionist tree, Roscoe

This was to be a perfect reflection when a boat came by and made a huge wake.

Redbuds, Roscoe

 Redbuds are an odd tree. In the spring little bumps form on the trunk and branches and then turn into intense purple flowers, followed by the leaves a fews weeks later. The top picture is of the buds , with a few tulip tree flowers in the foreground. The bottom is of the new leaves. This was a rescue tree. Janie had been handing out seedlings for The Nature Conservancy and had two at the end of the day. She brought them home and I planted them.

Front doorway, Roscoe

I only get this light in the Spring

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Millbrae garden 3

This picture and the two below are in my in-law's garden. It is in flux as they have just added a small wing over part of the garden. My brother-in-law is a creative gardener, a certified arborist and the grounds manager for San Francisco State University, so his garden is packed and interesting.

Millbrae garden 2

We recently spent a week visiting my sister-in-law and broth-in-law in Millbrae California, just up the hill from the San Francisco airport. We had a great time and I took a bunch of pictures so the next few weeks of posts will definitely not be from north Florida.

Millbrae garden 1