Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sand patterns, PV Beach

 The black sand is back, or has been uncovered and the storm left these patterns all over the beach.

Hydrant, Jax Beach

This is for Martina. Two blogs, two hydrants, a red letter day.

Fat Cat, Jax Beach.


This has been here for about two months. There is no building going on nearby, just a couple of weedy fields.

Playground, Jax Beach

This is a dirt and gravel yard, and I'm sure they do a very good business. But I bet that if you let boys of a certain age in, for a large fee, and let them just move dirt around they would do even better.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Shy girl, Jax Beach

Her darker side.

Graffiti in a box, again.

Our local taggers seem to like a frame. This is the third small square that someone has used as a showcase.

Ginger's Place, Jax Beach.

The back wall of a bar that's been here since we moved in 1993 and probably a long time before that.


 The top window intrigues me. A very pretty summer dress next to silver jeans and a hair band T-shirt. The one below, with green leopard print and a sock monkey head is just strange.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Creative graffiti, Jax Beach

I had thought for years that this little bit of awning looked a lot like Ms Pac-Man. Then some bright light did something about it. Brilliant.

A bad idea.

Chained chairs, Jax Beach

These were very bad chairs. Reminds me of The Defiant Ones, an old Sydney Poitier movie.

Mural, strip mall, Jax Beach

Vulnerable hydrant, Jax Beach

This is what you have to do if you put a hydrant in the middle of a parking lot!

Backyard, Jax Beach

The dog was tiny, but angry.

Bike lock, Jax Beach

This is only here to tell a story. I was trying to get another picture and stepped of the sidewalk onto a grass strip. As I focused I felt this and looked down. I jumped five feet because it looked like a coiled snake.

Giant flip-flops, Jax Beach

Smiley face and chair, Jax Beach

Sidewalk graffiti, Jax Beach

This tag is showing up all over Jax Beach. Poor feller must be unlucky at love.

Perception, Jax Beach

 I was walking along 1st Street and found this little park. The statue here was backlit severely and all I could make out was the silhouette. I looked like a monstrous head. Upon closer inspection it turned out to be a man riding a dolphin.

The upstairs window.

This is an upstairs window, above the three windows in the last post. You can barely see the array of video cameras covering the street. These folks must be a tiny bit paranoid.

Three windows, Jax Beach

 I have watched this house for years. It was built during the housing boom. The owners apparently wanted all the space they could get, so they built to the edge of the sidewalk. For their windows they chose glass bricks, I would guess for privacy. The result is this trio of windows. I imagine that from the inside there would be nice diffused light from these windows.  But not being able to see out would bother me a lot (I'm a photographer). I do like the sort of abstracts of houseplants from the outside.

Backyards, Jax Beach

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lost Spork, Jax Beach

As soon as I wonder why only spoons are abandoned, someone tosses away a spork.

Little corner, Jax Beach

The little yellow house is a domicile wedged between a couple of metal buildings. Nice colors.

Water mains, Jax Beach

 These two are right across the street from each other. The bottom one is half a block farther down the street. Seems like a lot of water.

Stick and shadow, Jax Beach

Now leasing

Obviously a rogue hydrant that has gone into business on it's own.

Pylons and palms, Shetter Ave, Jax Beach

My first day walking around with the Olympus Om-1 Em-5. Had the Leica 25mm on it and was greeted with incredibly clear light for here, as the humidity left for a day. I tried the bottom picture in black and white but the truck disappeared.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Avatar, Roscoe

This is a bit of Spanish moss that stuck to my car window. I originally called it "Dancer".
We watched part of Avatar last night and that name fits better.

Parking lot,Beach Blvd., Jax Beach

They went from diagonal parking to a grid plan, then repainted it.

Paper towel, Jax Beach

Selling by intimidation, Jax Beach

Now I'm scared of hot dogs.

Odd enclosure.

If you ask me this is one of the most poorly hidden stills in the whole state of Florida. Hide in plain sight!

Don't be a litterbug, Jax Beach

Old weathered metal sign, rust, good message.

More graffiti in a frame, Jax Beach

Paper napkin, Jax Beach


From what I could tell, this was the back.