Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dress code for MEN only!

Now this has me confused. There was a dress code posted at another Jax Beach bar/restaurant that I posted last year. The restrictions were the most ill-concealed attempt to keep black youths out that I have ever seen. These rules, taken together, don't seem to target any single group. Anybody have an idea?

Trees, front yard

Home with a cold, going over old files.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Shadow, Roscoe

Guess who just reread the Lee Friedlander retrospective.

Flight of Ibises, Roscoe.

I went to take a look at my garden when these Ibises flew over. I could here them coming by their wing beats. Always have a camera with you. If Annie Grant sees this......those are Weetabixes;~)

Stalker, Jax Beach

They're on to me, Martina.

Early weeds, Jax Beach

The recent warm spell has brought them out everywhere.

Building portraits, Jax Beach, from Carl Weese

 This isn't really a portrait, more of a baby picture. Soon to be Multi-Family condos. Multi family is a new concept to me.
These are older apartment blocks just a few block away.

New monolith, Beach Blvd., Jax Beach

This will be a parking garage for a new housing complex on Beach Blvd. Right up against the road. I can't wait to see how they try to soften it.

Cap, butt and leaf, Jax Beach

Terra cotta sun, porch, Roscoe

This is from a trip, years ago to Tuscany. I bought a lot of terra-cotta pieces, thinking to put them in the yard. They were very inexpensive. The first two that I found a place for practically melted in the humidity. The rest are indoors.

Camellias, Roscoe

Thursday, March 13, 2014

We buy junk cars, Solana Rd.

Convoluted crime scene, Solana Rd.

This is actually a land clearing site. There is some acreage along Solana Rd. That has been a future something (shopping center, offices, restaurant, condos) almost since we came here 20 years ago. This is the third time it has been cleared and now is being offered as a potential site. When it rains a large part of it floods, so there has been a lot of drainage work being done. They brought the mother of all DitchWitches in to make a big French drain. It still floods, but not as badly.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Foggy morning, Roscoe

Whenever we have fog here in Palm Valley I think of Jurassic Park. We have a resident Red-shouldered hawk in our trees and when it screeches I look up for Pteradactyls.

Zen garden, PVIC