Thursday, April 27, 2017

Lee's tree redux

Those of you who follow my photography know that I have spent a lot of time photographing Lee's tree. Lee is my wife's oldest and best childhood friend, and an avid gardener. When we moved here to Florida, Lee, who lives in NC, brought me this tree, as a sapling. I planted it near the IntraCoastal Waterway. It grew, over 23 years, to be a beautiful tall, graceful tree. I believe she told me it was a flowering almond. Anyway, it appears to be a member of the Eucalyptus family. Every Spring it would exfoliate it's bark, going from a rough slightly magenta to a lovely Provencale green, fading to gray. Last Autumn we were visited by Hurricane Matthew, who very quickly snapped the tree into the water. I wrote it off as a sad loss. But, come Spring this year there were buds, so, when the tree men were here clearing storm damaged trees, I had them cut Lee's tree back to below the split. Now there is a bounty of new growth and hope for a full recovery.

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